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Inventions, projects and news in reverse chronological order of release:

2022: busy.exe -> A DOS loader for the Silicon Labs BusyBee family of microcontrollers

2022: The Altmann CHBT aka Chorderbeat polyphonic synthesizer extension

2021: The Altmann YBV High-Performance Studio Reference Microphone

2021: Altmann UPCI loop-filter performance upgrade

2020: Upgrade to Chuck's Search Box, Est. 2001

2019: AMM ignition systems overview

2019: AMM-P2 ignition system for all V2 engines with cam sensor ... user's manual ... pic

2019: AMM-P3M8 ignition system for the Harley-Davidson® Milwaukee-Eight engine

2018: AMM-F1/F2 (FREEDOM SERIES) carburetor manifolds for the Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight engine fitting S&S and Ultima carbs

2017: AMM-P1 Universal-Performance Ignition-System .. info-site launched!

2015: The AMM-P1 universal-performance ignition-system for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12-cylinder spark-ignited engines

2014: The Altmann-Starcycle, world's most bicycle

2014: ZERO-ENGINEERING chooses AMM-L1 for their fleet of TYPE-6 carbureted Shovelhead motorcycles

2013: The Altmann Trumpet Assistant - an easy and fun way to learn to play the trumpet, cornet, flugel, alto, tenor or piccolo -> www.trumpassist.com

2012: "Das Märchen vom Weakener" - a Rolls-Royce fairy tale

2011: The Altmann Tera-Player - World's finest portable high-resolution music-player

2011: Solar-Powered High-End Audio - The Sound of Free Energy

2010: The Altmann Combustion-Force-Turbine (Verbrennungs-Kraft-Turbine) or ... Riding on even less Salad Oil

2010: The AMM-P4 High-Performance Transistor-Controller

2010: A Freewheel Clutch for the Quantya Electric Motorcycle - Increases Mileage up to 30%

2009: The Altmann DIY 192 kHz Audio Computer

2009: Riding on Electrons - The Altmann Tru-Torque Drive-Mode

2008: The Altmann Phono Stage - World's first vibrationally optimized phono stage

2008: The BYOB natural sound speaker system

2008: The Altmann Tera-Player - World's first hi-fidelity handheld digital music player capable of playing 192 kHz wav files

2007: World's first carbureted motorcycle that passes EURO-3 exhaust test

2007: A Flywheel for the KTM LC4 engine

2006: Electronic reliability system for Cleanaqua

2006: The Altmann DIY turntable

2005: Riding on Salad Oil A motorcycle enthusiast's guide to low speed, miniscule acceleration and about zero power, but fun fun fun ...

2005: The AMM-L1 High-Precision Lambda-Regulator for all carbureted combustion engines

2005: The Altmann Creation ADC - World's first 192kHz non-oversampling audio ADC

2004: The Altmann Acoustic Panel

2004: The Altmann Attraction DAC - World's first 192kHz non-oversampling DAC - BYOB

2003: The Altmann BYOB - World's first vibrationally optimized amplifer

2002: The Altmann DIY tonearm

2001: The Altmann "Tube-O-lator" lacquer . . . datasheet.pdf . . . application.pdf

2000: A Schauberger-style intake-system for combustion engine (patent applied for) ... pic ... similar idea but rudimental execution

2000: The AMM-P3 - World's finest ignition system for the Harley-Davidson® TwinCam engine . . . datasheet.pdf

2000: The Altmann SPLIF - Split Feedback - Amplifier Topology - (patent applied for)

2000: The AMM JISCO - World's first Jitter Scrambling Decorrelator - (patent applied for) . . . datasheet.pdf

1999: The AMM UPCI - Ultra Precision Clock Injector - (patent applied for) . . . datasheet.pdf

1998: The Altmann Superlative 24 bit / 96 kHz Digital to Analog Converter . . . datasheet.pdf . . . booklet.pdf

1998: Electronic security locking-system "FlIETHOMATIC" with infrared hopping code transmitter and network programmability for Karl-Fliether . . . mpg

1997: All electronic microprocessor controls for press-fitting tools for now-technology-leader Novopress.

1997: AMM SYNCHRO-CONTROL - intelligent spark control strategy for V-twin engines, resulting in automized torque optimization and vibration reduction . . . non-disclosed

1996: The AMM-INJECTOR - sequential injection system for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles with selflearning lambda-loop.

1996: The AMM-IMMOGNITION - World's first field-programmable electronic ignition with integrated immobilizer - (patent appied for) . . . datasheet.pdf

1995: Field programmable industrial control display for ASIG electronics.

1995: LCD I2C control network chip . . . datasheet.pdf

1994: Hitachi SuperH SH70xx 32-bit risc microcomputer with network OS . . . datasheet.pdf

1994: Sxx-Micro-Module series of microcomputers with network OS . . . datasheet.pdf

1994: Development System for the Mitsubishi M377xx series of Microcontrollers . . . datasheet.pdf

1993: AMM microcomputer interface protocol.

1993: Microprocessor controlled security locking system with one-wire interface and serial network programmability, University of Wuppertal, Germany.

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Altmann Micro Machines is a German company focusing on the deliberate application of technology with the intent to improve customer's wellbeing through procreation of uplifting and joyful experience. Specialty audio and motorcycle products and developments with a number of applied patents include the AMM-IMMOGNITION, worlds first field programmable ignition with integrated immobilizer, the AMM-P3, world's smallest and easiest ignition system for the Harley-Davidson® TwinCam engine, Altmann Superlative 24 bit / 96 kHz Digital to Analog Converter, The AMM - UPCI - Ultra Precision Clock Injector -, the AMM JISCO - Jitter Scrambling Decorrelator -, the Altmann SPLIF - Split Feedback - Amplifier Topology-, The Altmann Tube-o-Lator lacquer - a coating that makes semiconductors sound tube-like, the Altmann Do-it-Yourself Tonearm, The Altmann BYOB -Bring Your Own Battery- high performance vibrationally optimized audio amplifier and the Altmann Attraction DAC, a new and unique DA converter that can play up to 192kHz audio without oversampling and features extensive jitter filtering with dual VCXO precision PLL, switchable JISCO function, tube-o-lator-treated R2R converter, high-precision I/V conversion, and high power output and a vibrationally optimized desging employing a musical spruce sound-board. The Altmann Attraction DAC is the first DAC worldwide that can play fast sampled audio with zero-oversampling, sample by sample with unrivalled acoustic performance. Altmann Micro Machines was founded in 1994 by Dipl.-Ing. Charles Altmann.